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Sunday, November 13, 2011

If "Who's at the Door?" were a movie....

Every once in a while, people say "Wouldn't it be cool if your book was made into a movie?"

Yes, that would be cool!  But it's never going to happen.  No sex. No drugs. No rock and roll.  It would have to be on the Hallmark channel or something.

But just for fun, I decided to put a cast together.  Keep in mind, this is just for kicks.

Michael Rosenbaum as me. I'm the main character after all!

Why I chose him
Rosenbaum could be pensive as Lex Luthor on Smallville, but also funny in his voice portrayal of The Flash in the Justice League cartoon. Most importantly, he can manage the right hair style.

Besides, hollywood makes everyone better looking than they are in real life.

Rosenbaum will have to act slightly more goofy to be an accurate portrayal of myself.  Plus, he'll have to come off a little more naive, since I feel that way about many things whether dealing with religion or life. 

Jensen Ackles from Smallville as Elder Childs.

Why I chose him
Elder Childs was always popular with the ladies (He's married now so hold your horses) and so is Jensen Ackles on Supernatural.  On Supernatural, Ackles plays Dean Winchester, a character known for his social skills and leadership ability. Plus, no one will ever accuse either of them of breaking a camera lens. 

Ackles will need to dye his hair blond, and he'll have to be more wholesome than his tough guy character on Supernatural.  Still, I think he could pull off the role.

Vin Diesel as Elder Dowling

Why I chose him

They've got the same hair style and similar stern expressions.  They are not guys you want to mess with.


Vin is a little old to play Dowling.  He'll also have to pull back on the intimidation factor a bit.  The essence of Elder Dowling is "I'm a nice guy, but don't make me angry." 

Sally Fields as Sister Ruth.

Why I chose her

Every Catholic loves "The Flying Nun" and I even allude to the show in my book.  Sister Ruth was a prominent figure in the religious education of my childhood, and I want her portrayed correctly.
Plus, Sally is now about the age of the Sister Ruth I remember.


Nun (or should I say none?).  Sally Field can fly! She can do anything!

Seth Green as Elder Kelsey.

Why I chose him
The red hair.  Plus, he could pull off the famous "donut incident."  He can be both serious and funny, a must for anyone portraying Elder Kelsey

Green is too old and much too short for the role.  We'll have to use poetic license here.

WWE star Jack Swagger as Elder Bailey

Why I chose him
I used to call Elder Bailey the "Alaskan Mauler" because, although he had a very young face, he was a giant who could be in the WWE.  According to Swagger's stats: he's 6'6"  This is a hair taller than Bailey, but Hollywood always exaggerates.


Swagger will have to come across as likable, and I hope he has some acting skill.

There are a lot more characters I could have picked from, but this list took a LONG time to create.  One notable exception is Elder Luke, who is a big character in the story.  After racking my brain, I just could not come up with an actor who could fulfill the stoic role.

Anyway, I got a kick out of making this list.  I hope you get a kick out of it too. Let's hope James Cameron is watching....


  1. Who doesn't think up a cast to their books? It certainly helps put an imagine in our mind as we write the characters. :)