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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two Western Reviews!!!

I've gotten two new reviews on my blog tour.

The first is from David J West, author of "Heroes of the Fallen."

Here's an excerpt:

...this [book] is about people finding common ground and learning something new about each other-becoming friends and brothers and that's what matters in the long haul....

You can read the full review right here.

Here's another great review.

This one is from Steve Westover, author of "Defense Tactics."

(Notice the west connection? Maybe these guys are long-lost cousins.)

Steve writes:  

Who’s At The Door? is a classic “Stranger Comes to Town” master plot. In this case the “Stranger” is the full time missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Dan is the hero of his own story and as is always the case, the “Stranger” enters the scene and provides a disruption, which is the basis of this page-turning memoir.

Read the entire review right here.

Now Steve said that he's never read a memoir before, but he finished mine in a single afternoon!

I've heard a few people say this, and I'm always impressed. It's awesome to have people find my work that compelling.

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