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Monday, November 15, 2010


Author David J West recently advised me to "push" my book in the first month of its release.  I'm definitely in the middle of doing that now.

Push! Push! Push!

I feel like a crazed father running around the hospital during his wife's pregnancy.  In the last month, I've become a November sponsor for the LDS Publishing blog, arranged a book launch party at Barnes and Noble, scored a door prize for the event from a local florist who is donating a decorated balsam wreath, printed invitations, and told everyone I know about the party.

The problem with pushing is that I sometimes feel like I can work all day on promotion without  resulting in a sale. Keep your fingers crossed that some of this "push" pays off.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to lick the envelops for my party invitations.


  1. Right on Dan-it takes a lot of work.

    And I sure didn't mean ONLY the first month of release.

    Best wishes on your new journey.

  2. You mean I gotta do this longer than a month? ha ha! Thanks for your interest and support, David.