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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scrooge Hits Halloween

If you thought people only said ba-hum bug at Christmas, think again. According to, some cities in America are writing age-limit laws against trick or treating.

The story can be read here:

Some people don't want to give candy to children over 12 and apparently they want their opinion written into the law.  Talk about strict.

Trick-or-Treating is one of the most harmless activities anyone can participate in. I did it until I was 16.  That year I thought I was far too old and mature until a friend in the neighborhood, who was about two years younger than I was, talked me into going with her one last time. 

Secretly, I was dying to go, but I had to put up a brave front calling it "kid stuff" long enough to convince her that I wasn't dying for some free Baby Ruths too.

And you know what? We had fun.  We had fun, and no one was hurt.  Not even a tooth ache.  I think it's pretty Grinchy for people to deny older kids candy.  What are they going to do with the extra sugar anyway? 

As long as a kid is in costume and says the magic words "trick or treat," I don't mind handing out a bite-sized Snicker Bar.

If age is being considered, why not ban the wee ones too? I've seen many young parents cart their babies out for candy as well.  And who do you really think the candy is going to when the tot doesn't have teeth?

I say, lighten up or be ready for a trick!  That's the Halloween way!

1 comment:

  1. Personally I think it's fine to trick or treat until don't want to anymore. (Although if you don't need makeup for your hobo costume's 5 o'clock shadow, you might be too old.) My MIL gave out giant carrots one year to every teenager who came knocking without a costume though. It was hilarious.